& Candelaria, Bodie, Aurora GHOST Towns.
Hawthorne - Mina - Schurz - Nevada


Mining Camps

Ghost Towns

All along Highway 95 and nearby connected roads (otherwise know as Nevada Silver Trails Territory) are Ghost Towns & Ghost Mining camps. From Aurora about 10 miles outside of Hawthorne to Candeleria at the far southern end of Mineral County do we have Ghost Towns for you to explore.
There are also short day trips to Bodie, Mono & Mammoth Lakes. And while your at it don't forget all the Ghost Camps in between, espeacially in Mina if your an avid ATV/OHVer. What with over 1,000 perhaps two thousand miles of open dirt roads and trails to such places as Cabin under a Rock to the Ghost Carp Boat way behind Walker Lake to The Car Frame Windmill near the Ghost Mining camp of Pionsettea we got you covered in DirtRoad Fun.


Recently we were given a NCOT grant of $2780  for EXPO Booths.

At the CA4WDC 4X4 Convention in Feb. in Sacramento we talked with about 1,000 avid Off Roaders. The At the Reno Off-Road & Motor Sports Expo in Reno April 5,6 & 7 we talked with about 5,000 Off Roaders.


Vehicle Madness

Off Roading & OHV/ATV Fun

News this week; Bodie Day coming up August 10. Ghost town events all day, then come stay very economically here in Hawthorne.
1,000 to 2,000 miles of dirt roads and trails is what we have for your 4x4, ATV, or OHV adventure. Many a Poker Run has been held on these dirt roads and trails. To get to many of the Ghost Towns/Ghost Mining camps and petrogylhs you'll be travel-in on dirt roads, most are 2wd in good weather however some are indeed either and or only accessible by 4x4  or ATV. Don't forget to explore the lava beds and old Underground Fletcher Stage Stop.


We have many suggested Itineraries for 4wd, 2wd & OHV's around Hawthorne and a bunch for ATV's in particular around Mina. Please see the "OUTDOOR" pages for details.

NCOT Tourism Grant Awarded

We believe about 250 OHV / ATV / 4X4 enthusiasts have already come to a poker run and other 4X4 activities in response to our getting the word out at two 4x4 Expos we recently staffed and actively participated in.  

1942 USO Bldg.

Convention Center

1942 USO/Courage Theater
Hawthorne Convention Center

Well Jackie Evancho hasn't been to our stage yet, but? (More about that Later) Perhaps 30,000 sailors danced with our still going strong USO Junior Hostess Ruby Hume. Yes in 1942 she was 16 and did she dance up a storm (uh lots of Romance). Opps maybe we weren't suppose to say that. Hmm. But we can say about 3 years ago a film crew came and filmed a Re-creation Dance of the 1940's here in our very own 1942 Hawthorne USO with Ruby as the Star. The Auditorium (Courage Theater) is now restored to how it looked in 1942. With its majestic 1942 Cathedral open Truss Ceiling, & hard wood dance floor. Perfect for Small Intimate Weddings.The actual National USO is strongly considering having a dedication of the building this fall or next Armed Forces Day  (May 17) perhaps with some high power entertainment for our Servicemen in this neck of the woods, Uh make that desert. (At least we can dream). Be sure to check out the National Register of Historic Places plaque on the front of this classic 1942 USO Kit* Building built for World War II and one of the only two of 2500 built which remain let alone restored and being used basically as it was back in 1942.




Hawthorne Ordnance Museum

Hawthorne prides itself in calling the town "Americas Patriotic Home". This is how we make those that have served or have family and or friends that have served feel more than welcome to Hawthorne / Mineral County. Commemorating the thousands of Military, Civil Service and Civilian Corporate Personnel that have made significant, and even the ultimate contribution in defending the Freedom of this Great Nation is what this Museum Veterans Park and town are about.

On September 15, 1930, the Secretary of the Navy commissioned the U.S. Navy Ammunition Depot at Hawthorne, Nevada. This did not happen by accident, but an accident caused it to happen. Four years earlier, July 1926, during the same week that a fire destroyed the Hawthorne business district, the Navy's principal ammunition depot in Lake Denmark, NJ blew up, destroying the town and killing over 50 people and injuring hundreds more. The Hawthorne Ordnance Museum commemorates the history of the Ammunition Depot and it's mission in defending the freedom of our country. Listed in wikipedia.